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A Message From Gena' 

Hi there! My husband Jay and I have been incredibly blessed to become the new owners of this amazing place. I consider this a childhood home, and my grandmother left it for us to take care of. While growing up, if my brother and I weren't with my dad, we were with our NaNa here in Barksdale. Our family has worked, played, and enjoyed many family events on this property. Many people made friends with my grandmother and are now considered family. Over the years I have had the privilege to meet so many neat people, and I am still meeting them each time we are here! There are so many stories that I would love to share.  If you are in the area and need a place to stay, I hope you feel welcomed here!

History of  The Nueces River Motel

The Nueces River Motel is located in Barksdale, Texas, deep in the hill country surrounded by rolling hills and nature. The property was purchased by James K. and Gerry Evans, and was run as a six room motel for  50 years. Gerry is known by many names such as Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Clark, Ms. G.,  Ms. Gerry, and our favorite...NaNa. She made a ton of friends over the many decades, and had her "regulars" that came to visit each year, that might as well be part of the family. It has been a perfect get-away for those wanting to hunt, fish, arrowhead hunt, swim, and to enjoy family events.

Gerry's granddaughter, Gena', and her husband Jay, have acquired the property and have short-term and long-term plans for it. Now known as The Nueces River Retreat, they are eager to share with those traveling to the area.


This special place was a childhood home to Gena’ that offered a place of hope, healing and rejuvenation. Gena’ and Jay cannot wait to offer the same experiences to others and provide a place to rest, relax, and reconnect. Eventually, the property will be renovated and will become a place for individuals and church groups to experience retreats, spiritual and emotional wellness, and to encounter and experience God's love. She is eager to honor her grandmother’s legacy by teaching about Jesus and providing a place of hope and comfort to those who visit. This retreat center is another dream of Gena's as she faithfully follows and trusts the pathway that God has put before her.

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