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Day #3-6

Day #3 (Wednesday) - We got to go hang out with NaNa!

Day #4 (Thursday) - All three kids hung out with their aunt and Jay and I busted it! We knew we had visitors coming in that afternoon, and we had a ton to do in #4 to get it ready. He put the light and mirror back up, hung the shower curtain rod, and I finished painting furniture and working on the plants around. It is looking great outside!

Day #5 (Friday) - We spent the day in San Antonio buying a car. Yes, I know... random... but Jay was in a wreck last Sunday and they totaled his car because it wasn't worth fixing. We can check that off of our list of things (big thing!) to do.

Day #6 (Saturday) - Today it was back to work! There was a city-wide clean up day and we got rid of a bunch of junk out by the garage. The property is cleaning up well! Then, we were able to take the kids out for some river time, and they were SO excited! We came back and played a few games of Old Maid and had ice cream. Now THAT feels like a vacation :) God is good!!

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