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The work has begun!

When I was a little girl, this entire yard was like a tropical paradise! There were flowers and greenery everywhere, and fruit trees and even banana trees that produced fruit one year! I found an article about the bananas, and when I run across it again I will post it. This was a great place to play, hide, and climb trees. I even found an arrowhead right in this area and remember being SO excited! And NaNa was, too! I'll never forget that day. For those of you who don't know, NaNa was a "professional" Indian artifact digger. She loved her time at the Indian mounds. If you get a chance, talk to one of her friends named Daniel - he has a great story of a perfect "arrowhead" that she found when they were out digging one day! In fact, she has many arrowhead friends that came to see her often.

We spent the weekend assessing the property and cleaning out flower beds and tree limbs. Jay also created a model of the buildings so we know what we are working with. Seems a bit overwhelming when you look big picture, but we will take it one mini-project at a time! I loved working in the yard. It will take some work, but after talking to my brother, it might be best to go with native plants along with some other low-maintenance plants. There are a lot of flower beds. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot... On the way home, we discussed what needs to happen and prioritized our next steps... stay tuned!

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