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"Vacation" - Day 1

The word "vacation" means something different to everyone. Honestly, I have a hard time sitting still, and vacation to me at this moment means that I do not have to think about my regular career, but instead work on my dream work. Today was a great day - hotter than heck, but we got a lot done. We pulled all the furniture out of #4 and the kids helped sand it all down. They did an awesome job and were great helpers! Even the oldest, who doesn't particularly care for this kind of activities.She even taught Dylan how to use a sander! They worked in some practice on creating their own YouTube channel, and I ended up with about 30 videos on my phone. :) The kids ended the day with a water balloon fight. Thanking God for this time here and many memories being made. Tomorrow, we will put some primer on the furniture and end with some black paint! Overall, a good day.

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